On Wednesday, September 9th, 2020, our annual Officer Commissioning Ceremony took place in the cafeteria. The Class of 2021 were measured in a number of different categories, ranging from GPA and merits to their ability to influence and train fellow classmates. The top candidates were determined by the board, after which they selected the brigade commander and assigned other positions. Congratulations to Colonel Ryan Hotaling and the rest of our top 12 ranks!


Colonel Ryan Hotaling
Brigade Commander

LT Colonel Sean Hendricks
Brigade Executive Officer

LT Colonel Jack Murphy
Battalion Commander

LT Colonel William Vivian
Battalion Commander

Major Ben Paquin
Battalion Executive Officer

Major Jordan Proulx
Battalion Executive Officer

LT Colonel John Alexander
Brigade S-3

LT Colonel Glen Sauter II
Brigade S-4

LT Colonel Ethan Connolly
Brigade S-1

LT Colonel Matthew Ucci
Special Staff Officer

LT Colonel Luke William Pezzano
Band Commander

LT Colonel Daniel Masullo
Band Public Affairs & Communication Officer