On September 13, we celebrated our annual Plebe Review to honor freshmen students, referred to as Plebes, on their induction into the JROTC program.

In the weeks prior to the ceremony, Plebes were instructed and drilled until they reached the proficiency necessary for induction into the program. After hours of hard work and practice, they earned the title of Cadet. With this title comes the responsibilities of upholding and sharing CBA’s traditions and values throughout the community.

Congratulations to the top 10 Cadets: Michael Vogel ’23, Jack McKenna ’23, Jaideep Saran ’23, Joseph Morbidelli ’23, Thomas Stallmer ’23, Samuel Smith ’23, Attilio Scaccia ’23, Reis Brammer ’23, Dillon Goodwill ’23, and Austin Dean ’23!

Photos courtesy of Mr. Michael Nguyen.