Published by WNYT on October 14.


Kids these days. Adults have been saying that for generations. But in this case, we mean it in a good way.


We first introduced you to CBA sophomore Gabriel Donovan over the summer at the Saratoga Race Course. He was selling T-shirts and tote bags featuring an Adirondack lily that he designed.


Lilly is a teenager left on a ventilator after a car crash that also took her mother’s life.


“We heard that Lilly couldn’t get the device she needed and wanted to do things she needed. And I didn’t like that. So I decided instead of pouting about it, to take matters into my own hands,” Gabriel said.


The design has the message, “Although I cannot write, I still have a story to tell.”


Gabriel’s goal was to raise $16,000 to buy communications devices for Lilly.


Fast forward a few months and Gabriel has raised $50,000.


“This is no means an end. There’s no end to this. It will always still be going and I’m happy we got this ball rolling and rolling a lot,” he said.


Here’s the backstory. Gabriel has a rare genetic condition that causes tumors to grow on nerve tissue. He was getting help from the Center for Disability Services, which is how he met Lilly. He put his issues aside and focused on her instead.


With $50,000, he’s helping other kids at St. Margaret’s Center too.


“I do like being recognized, but this isn’t about me. This is about Lilly and all the kids at St. Margaret’s.


Kids these days. You better believe it.