Grades 11-12     Credit: 1
This course explores more advanced techniques of various artists such as O’Keeffe, Warhol, Seurat and Van Gogh. Each student will work with a variety of materials. Projects included in this course: Continuous Line Contour Watercolor/ Ink Landscape, Acrylic Nature Painting in the Style of Georgia O’Keeffe , Photo Negative Painting in the style of Andy Warhol, George Seurat Pointillism Drawing with markers, Pen and Ink in the Style of Vincent Van Gogh, Scratch Board Drawing using textures, Monochromatic Painting, Neo Pop Realism Pen and Ink Faces, Colored Pencil Abstract Architectural Design, Pastel Still Life, Pop Art Collage, Cut Paper Masterpiece, and Painting in the style of the Surrealists.