JROTC Hall of Fame Committee

The purpose of the Christian Brothers Academy JROTC Hall of Fame is to recognize and commemorate the significant accomplishments, contributions, and community involvement of our JROTC alumni.

JROTC Hall of Fame Committee Structure

A standing committee of alumni and friends of CBA is in place, with the chairperson of the committee being an administrator at CBA. Members will be added or replaced as the need arises, and they will be chosen by nomination and majority vote of the committee.

Selection by Committee Process

Hall of fame selections are made by our JROTC Hall of Fame Committee, comprised of CBA alumni and friends. The committee solicits nominations for the Hall of Fame from the general population and alumni throughout the year. Any past member of the CBA JROTC program can be nominated. The induction ceremony takes place in conjunction with the annual Christian Brothers Academy Flag Raising Ceremony.

Selection Criteria

In general, the purpose is to select a candidate for the CBA JROTC Hall of Fame to be recognized for outstanding accomplishments in service to their country and involvement in their community.


Selection must take place at least 10 years after the individual graduated from CBA. Consideration and recognition will be given to JROTC achievement while at CBA as well as military achievement and community involvement.


Members of the JROTC Hall of Fame will have a brick inscribed with their name and graduation year, to be placed around the CBA flagpole in the designated HOF section. Inductees will be given an award and honored at the Flag Raising Ceremony at the beginning of the school year.

To nominate someone for the JROTC Hall of Fame, complete the JROTC Hall of Fame Nomination Form and mail your nomination to SFC Herbert Reeves, Christian Brothers Academy, 12 Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12205, or reeves@cbaalbany.org.

JROTC Hall of Fame Members

Col Christos C. Bogiages ’52
Col Jeffrey A. Bracco ’92
Col Robert G. Conway, Jr. ’69
2nd Lt. Frederick T. Jeram, Jr. ’41
Col Raymond F. Joyce, Jr. ’40
Col Michael Barry Keck ’61
Gerald C. Kelleher ’26
SGT Terence L. Kindlon, ESQ. ’64
Col Todd E. Mahar ’93
General John W. Pauly ’40
Brigadier General Thomas F. Quinlan ’59
Brigadier General Steven J. Spano ’79
CPT Lawrence Wiest, ESQ. ’60

LTC Todd J. Clark ’90 Memorial Service Award Reciepients

W. Brian Barr, FSC. ’56
LTC Todd J. Clark ’90
Brendan Cox ’88
Sean Crotty ’79
Gabriel Donovan ’22
Dr. Dennis McKenna ’84
Thomas Regan