A Lasallian education centers upon Catholic values and personal relationships, emphasizing academic excellence, faith formation, respect, service, and social justice.

CBA integrates faith, learning, and service into the curriculum with an emphasis on cultural, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development. CBA promotes volunteerism, social justice and an active spiritual life through religion classes, student-body Liturgy, and open chapel hours for students seeking solace and prayer.

The Lasallian Mission has five core principles:

  • Faith in the Presence of God
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
  • Respect for All Persons
  • Quality Education
  • Inclusive Community

Students have opportunities to take part in Eucharistic minister training and choir. All students are required to complete 70 hours of community service in order to graduate.

Our educators cultivate leadership and prepare students for life, work and service to society and church.