CBA is proud to have one of the finest and most progressive sports medicine departments found in the country today. We provide comprehensive, quality health care services while simultaneously promoting a conducive environment to enrich the education of student-athletes.

We provide five critical areas of service

Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Recognition, Evaluation, and Immediate Care of Athletic Injuries
Rehabilitation and Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries
Health Care Administration
Professional Development and Responsibility

The department is staffed by Stephanie Heisler, CBA’s full-time athletic trainer, and Dr. Tim Maggs, Director of Sports Injuries and Sports Biomechanics.

Stephanie oversees the daily operation of the sports medicine department and handles all injuries and athletic events at the school. Her many years of education and experience allows her to provide professional care to middle or high school athletes ranging from acute care to rehabilitation and return to activity. An important component of Stephanie’s job description is to oversee the concussion management program for CBA athletes.

Dr. Tim Maggs has been with CBA for 9 years and is now in his 4th year of providing on-site treatments at the school during the school day. A licensed chiropractor who has been in private practice for over 42 years, Dr. Maggs specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and investigation of sports injuries.

In addition, Dr. Maggs provides no charge and no obligation biomechanical exams – consultation, physical exam, biomechanical x-rays of the neck and low back and a digital laser foot scan – for all interested CBA students at his Schenectady office, and is available for weekly treatments of those examined on Tuesdays from 9am to 12:30pm at the school.

See Dr. Maggs’ video for more information.

We encourage all parents/guardians to contact the members of the Christian Brothers Academy Sports Medicine Center Team with questions relating to the health and well-being of their children.


Stephanie HeislerAthletic Trainer518-452-9809
Tim Maggs, DCDirector of Sports Biomechanics518-393-6566