Thanks to the support of generations of graduates and patrons, CBA’s tuition and fees are among the most competitive among private preparatory schools in the region.

In addition, about 75% of CBA families benefit from our endowed scholarships and other forms of financial support.

2024 – 2025 TUITION









Enrollment Fee for New Students$200
Reenrollment Fee for Returning Students$100
Family Fundraising Fee**$500

* Other fees may be incurred depending on the student’s participation in sports and/or other extra-curricular activities. ** Families may reduce the Family Fundraising Fee dollar for dollar by selling Continuing Education Program (CEP) Raffle Tickets. This is the only way to reduce this annual fee.


If you have general questions about scholarships and other financial aid at CBA,
we encourage you to contact:

Joanne Alix
1-518-452-9809 ext. 121  |


Plan 1: Payment of the Base Tuition minus any applicable tuition discounts (scholarships and/or financial aid) is required to be paid in full before July 1. A late fee of $25 per month will be assessed if the account is not paid in full by July 1.

Plan 2: Payment of the Base Tuition Plus $75 minus any applicable tuition. discounts to be paid in two (2) equal installments on July 1 and December 1 through the FinalSite Payment Plan Program, an online service.

Plan 3: Base Tuition Plus $250 minus any applicable tuition discounts, to be paid in ten (10) equal installments beginning no later than July 1 through FinalSite. A minimum of two (2) monthly installments must be made before a student may begin the school year.


CBA offers two types of merit-based scholarships, academic scholarships and music-based scholarships.

Academic Scholarships

Incoming students in grades 6-8 and all students entering 9th grade may be eligible for academic scholarships based on a combination of their scores on the CBA scholarship exam and their report cards. Award amounts and duration may vary from year to year.

Music Scholarships

Purple Scholarship: $500/year. This scholarship is awarded to students based on audition and funding availability and is open to all new students, as well as CBA musicians entering 9th grade.
Gold Scholarship: $1,000/year. This scholarship is awarded to students based on audition and funding availability and is open to all new students, as well as CBA musicians entering 9th grade.


CBA uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to process financial aid applications.

To begin the financial aid process:

  1. Register on the FACTS website to get your login information. If you currently use FACTS for automatic tuition payments, you will use the same username and password.
  2. Fill out the online application.
  3. Pay the application fee at the end of the online application process.
    Be sure to include your Application ID on all correspondence to FACTS.

If you have questions about the FACTS financial aid application, call the FACTS helpline at 1-866-315-9262. Please do not call CBA with questions about the FACTS application.

CBA aims to make award determinations by the time enrollment contracts are due for the following academic year. Financial aid funds are limited and demand is high. It is important for you to submit your financial aid application as early as possible. Financial aid awards are not final until FACTS has received and verified all tax returns and W-2s. You will not receive financial aid without a properly completed application.