Prep simplifies SAT preparation for students and parents and ensures that our boys thoroughly understand and are ready for the exam to maximize their college opportunities.

Participants meet one-on-one with personal consultants who customize sessions and targeted exercises to fit each student’s individual needs. All programs are conducted online using Skype and a collaborative whiteboard app for iPad and Android tablets. Course materials are provided online to students who enroll in the program.

“As a parent, I was extremely impressed with the personalized design of the program…  At the conclusion of the sessions, Phil provided Dustin with a thorough analysis of his strengths and weaknesses, along with the “next steps” for Dustin to take.   Phil also did an outstanding job of communicating throughout the duration of the program.  Dustin’s experience was positive, productive and motivating!”
~ Kimberly Scaringe

“The Brothers Test Prep course provided an excellent SAT review for my son, Griffin. The initial assessment, followed by a combination of self-study and Online mentoring sessions kept him on track and allowed us to efficiently monitor his progress.”
~Mike Fisher

“My best endorsement of this program is that I enrolled my second son into the Brothers Test Prep as soon as it was available. Without question, I highly recommend this course for your son.”
-Dr. Joseph Glennon