Congratulations to Nathaniel Foster ’19 on being named a BlueShield 2019 Scholar. The BlueShield Scholar Program recognizes exceptional high school seniors who are pursuing higher education in the fields of health or human sciences and exemplify the values of teamwork, integrity, personal responsibility, passion, excellence, and respect. Nate will be studying biology/pre-med at the University at Albany in the fall.

Nominator Statement: Nate is a caring and exceptional young man. He has been dedicated to working in the medical profession for the past three years. He works hard, has problem-solving skills, and wants to serve. Nate works well with others and enjoys being part of a team.

Scholar Statement: Growing up, my parents watched TV shows about doctors and hospitals. I was immediately attracted to the idea of becoming a doctor as I idolized these TV characters for their problem-solving skills, expansive knowledge about medicine, and ability to work together as a team to cure patients. For a while, I never thought I was smart enough to become a doctor. Once I got to high school and took all of the science courses, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. I was very curious about biology and chemistry, and because I was so interested, I excelled in those classes. The results pushed me toward the top of my class, ranking in the top 10 in grade-point average. Because of watching shows like “Chicago Med” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” I was inspired to pursue a career in the medical field.