Shaping the future of Christian Brothers Academy

St. LaSalle Society members are a special group of people who have chosen to extend their legacies while furthering the work of the Christian Brothers.

“A while ago, Gene and I felt the need to make CBA part of our legacy to help CBA continue in the tradition of a true Catholic education for the young men in our area”
-Lynn Zielinski, CBA Board of Trustee member

The St. LaSalle Society is a community of CBA faithful who share the original ideas and vision of our founder Saint John Baptist de La Salle to provide young men with a balanced education through challenging academic and broad co-curricular programs in a safe, faith filled environment.

When someone joins the St. LaSalle Society by including CBA in their long-term financial and estate plans, it reaffirms Saint John’s promise to our young men about the future that with an education, it will be better, that they are needed to make it better, and that the legacy of an education will serve them.

“Realizing what a privilege it was to attend CBA, I feel young men living in this area should be given the opportunity to share what I experienced through my financial support, now and beyond.”
-Eugene J. Zielinski ’58

Please inform CBA of your intended bequest or other planned gift, and you will be invited to enjoy the recognition as a member of the St. LaSalle Society and the knowledge that you are leaving a legacy that will impact the lives of our current and future young men.

To join, please contact Colleen Ward at or (518) 452-9809 ext 113.

Saint LaSalle Society

Mr. Michael J. Alvaro, III ’76
Mr. Albert E. Burkhard ’51 *
Mr. Timothy M. Campion ’59 *
Mr. Paul F. Carpenter ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Christenson ’85
Mr. Brian M. Culnan Esq. ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. DeCosmo ’60
Mrs. Mary E. DePietro
Mr. James C. Donahue ’56
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ford ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Irving J Gale ’32 *
Mr William A. Hartigan ’48 *
Mr Richard J. Huether ’51
Mr. John Jennings
Mr. Gerald C. Kelleher ’26 *
Mr. Raymond J. Lauterborn ’32 *
Mr. John P Liuzzi ’37 *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J Manhey ‘’64
Mr. Patrick W. McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Mesick ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Mulderry Esq. ’50
Mr. Peter J. Neumann ’22 *
Hon. and Mrs. Howard C. Nolan, Jr. ’49
Mr. Robert C. Novak ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. O’Connor ’73
Mr. Thomas A. Partenope ’67
Mrs. Cynthia Pettit
Mr. Christopher Powers ’91
Dr. James H. Puleo AFSC ’52 *
Mr. and Mrs. David Quinn
Mr. Nicholas J Quinn ’61
Mr. Joseph A. Reilly ’56
Mr. Richard J Salisbury
Mr and Mrs. David B Smith ’75
Mr. William B. Spendiff ’47
Mr. George A Weber ’40 *
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wibbelsman ’54
Mrs. Virginia Zellman
Mr and Mrs. Eugene J Zielinski ’58