Required Subject
CBA Diploma/Credits
NYS Regents Diploma/Credits
Social Studies44
Foreign Language31
Fine Arts11
Physical Education22

New York State Education requirements for Regents and Advanced Regents Diplomas can be found here.

Community Service Requirements

In the Middle School, students complete a curriculum centered on the core courses in English, Social Studies, Math, Science and Foreign Language, as well as Religion, Fine Arts and Physical Education. The focus of the program is to provide students with the skills and inspiration necessary to pursue the college preparatory program of the High School.


In the High School, there is an Honors course of study available to qualified students. In the Middle School, qualified students will be permitted to study Integrated Algebra and Biology, both of which are High School offerings. The High School program allows students to take Honors level courses in all of the core disciplines (Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Foreign Language) through a combination of Advanced Placement offerings and regularly scheduled courses.


The College Board offers the Advanced Placement program to high schools as an opportunity for students to pursue advanced credit in specific disciplines. CBA offers Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, Physics, Psychology, Spanish Language, Statistics, United States History and World History based on student interest. Students who wish to enroll in Advanced Placement courses must meet all prerequisites for the Honors Program. Additionally, students enrolled in an Advanced Placement course are required to sit for the AP exam scheduled in May and to pay all necessary fees.


Christian Brothers Academy offers College in the High School (CHS) courses through Hudson Valley Community College and University in the High School (UHS) through University at Albany as opportunities for students to earn college credit while attending CBA.  CBA offers CHS/UHS courses in math, business, music, computer science and social sciences.  All courses in the CHS/UHS program are college level courses and students are required to pay a reduced HVCC or University at Albany tuition.

Note: This is an excerpt from the Student Code of Conduct