Physical Education 9-12

Grades 9-12     Credit:  .5
The Christian Brothers Academy Physical Education Program is designed to assist the student in developing his full potential. Each student is encouraged to develop a bridge between recreation and healthful living habits which will be a lifetime foundation for self-fulfillment and achievement; for caring and gaining a responsible place in society. Students are taught to value personal qualities of self-control, discipline, good sportsmanship, rules and regulations, and respect for others in life situations. Our goal is that each student possesses a personal sense of self-confidence, social graces, pride toward life and self and the desire to pursue excellence in his endeavors.

Strength Training Program

Grades 10-12     Credit: 1

Weight training is an exercise that uses progressive resistance movements to build muscular strength and muscular endurance using free weights or machines.  This weight lifting class will help improve an individual’s muscular strength and muscular endurance.  This course is designed to use weightlifting to develop a positive mental and physical self and identify the positive effects of physical fitness.  The focus of this course will be on safely building muscle, endurance, and flexibility with proper lifting technique. Preference will be given to students participating in two or more interscholastic sports.