English 5

This course places an emphasis on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. It also focuses on the structured teaching of writing different pieces that are organized, complex, and sequenced through uses of graphic organizers and peer editing.


Reading 5

Reading focuses on the author’s purpose, main idea, theme, plot, characterization, sequencing, and context clues using different novels, other varied short stories, and poetry.


Reading 6

Our goal is to develop a life-long love of reading. A basal reader and trade books are used in grade six. Folk tales, plays, realistic fiction, autobiography, poetry, and essay are the genres encountered in our reading program. The focus is on comprehension, characterization, analogies, cause/effect, vocabulary, generalizations, comparisons, sequences and story mapping.


English 6

This course places an emphasis on providing a sound foundation in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills. The use of short stories and novels, such as The Giver, are utilized to develop reading comprehension and a love of reading.


English 7

The course begins with the skills of grammar and spelling rules. Vocabulary is coordinated as much as possible with the literature being studied.  The writing section consists of student journals, essays, and compositions throughout the year.  In conjunction with the history department, the students learn how to prepare and write a research paper.  Reading comprehension is practiced through short stories, poems, and novels.


English 8

The course begins with the rules of usage and mechanics being applied to solid sentence structure.  The student’s writing is closely monitored through essays, compositions, and local essay contests.  The eighth grade explores the basics of a research paper in conjunction with the history department.  The course is rounded out with weekly vocabulary or proofreading quizzes.