Wind Band

Credit: .5
This band is an audition-based group, which plays at a higher level than any other ensemble. Composed primarily of high school students, this band plays at numerous school functions and concerts. It rehearses three times during the six day cycle. Students also receive school credit and a grade.

Jazz Band

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Jazz Ensemble is also an audition-based ensemble. The students explore jazz music and improvisation, and they perform at all music concerts.

Symphonic Band

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The Symphonic Band is geared toward entry-level players up to the NYSSMA Level III. This group rehearses three times a cycle and performs at our bi-annual music department concerts as well as at Open House, and some school functions.

Concert Band

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The Concert Band is an entry level band. It is designed to foster the development of the skills required to play traditional band instruments. The Concert Band is open to all CBA students.

Music Theory I (CHS)

Grades 11-12     Credit: 1
This basic theory course will offer interested students an overview of college level theory and ear training with some music history and accompanying listening examples.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Prerequisites: Ability to read music and teacher approval.