Grades 11-12     Credit: 1
The prerequisites are the successful completion of Mathematics Courses Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 11 (or to be currently enrolled in Algebra 11). This course has a laboratory requirement since physics is best learned using an investigative approach. Satisfactory laboratory reports must be written by the student for each investigation. Students are also required to demonstrate several manipulative skills. Physics encompasses five core areas and six optional topics. The five core areas are: mechanics, energy, electricity and magnetism, wave phenomena, and modern physics. The optional topics include: motion in a plane, internal energy, electromagnetic applications, geometric optics, solid state physics and nuclear energy. During the year students will master skills, develop positive science attitudes, and extend their problem solving abilities. Activities and problems are chosen to foster critical thinking as the students collect evidence, and weigh that evidence. The rapid development of scientific knowledge in our physical world demands that adults be able to make informed decisions on the problems and issues facing our society. Students will develop scientific literacy by becoming knowledgeable about the physical world, developing skills and positive attitudes to solve problems in physics. This course is offered at the Regents and Honors levels.

Prerequisites: are the successful completion of Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II (or to be currently enrolled in Algebra II).