The Christian Brothers Academy Sports Medicine Center offers all student-athletes access to the highest quality healthcare possible, with our top priority being the health and safety of student-athletes.

In accordance with statues set at the national and state level of various associations, the Christian Brothers Academy Sports Medicine Center provides education, referrals to appropriate health care team members, and athletic training services in order to prevent and treat injuries and keep student-athletes at their highest caliber of competition, while committing themselves to being leaders in sports medicine services.

The mission of Christian Brothers Academy is to provide comprehensive, evidence-based, quality health care services for the well-being of student-athletes, while simultaneously promoting a conducive environment to enrich the education of student-athletes.

The sports medicine services to student-athletes can be broken down into five domains:

1. Prevention of Athletic Injuries

2. Recognition, Evaluation, and Immediate Care of Athletic Injuries

3. Rehabilitation and Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries

4. Health Care Administration

5. Professional Development and Responsibility.

We are devoted to using all resources readily available in the administration of these services. We will remain committed to education, clinical skill development, and equipment used in the delivery of sports medicine services so that our student-athletes will be assured of the most modern care available in the country.

The purpose of the Christian Brothers Academy Sports Medicine Program is multifaceted.  First, we allow easy access to sports medicine services to each student-athlete with the Sports Medicine Center being opened every day after school until 5:30 pm.  Dr. Maggs is available for treatment Wednesdays 1pm-7pm. In addition, a goal is to substantially reduce the risk of athletic injury for those student-athletes in our care with preventative programs, such as neuromuscular training and the structural fingerprint exam.  We enable injured student-athletes to return to their sports as soon as is medically safe. This component especially encompasses the concussion management. Lastly, we strive to encourage a philosophy of sport that stresses health and wellness.

The underlying philosophy for the Christian Brothers Academy Sports Medicine Center is that the needs of the student-athlete shall always be the first consideration for all members of the sports medicine staff. We are committed to ongoing evaluation of our sports medicine program so that our student-athletes can be assured of the highest quality in sports medicine care. Furthermore, we are committed to addressing problems and concerns in a timely manner so that the needs of our student-athletes can continue to be met.

We encourage all parents/guardians to contact the members of the Christian Brothers Academy Sports Medicine Center Team with questions relating to the health and well-being of their children.

Meet the Sports Medicine Center Team

Jackie Coyne Athletic Trainer

Jackie Coyne,  MS, ATC, PES

Athletic Trainer






Tim Maggs, DC

Director of Sports Biomechanics


Dr. Maggs is available for treatment at CBA on Tuesdays from 9am-1pm

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