The Christian Brothers Academy Board of Trustees is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. James Schlegel as the first President of the School.

Reflecting our rich tradition of academic excellence and vision for the future, the CBA Board of Trustees has adopted the administration model of a President-Principal model. The success CBA has experienced over the past decade has provided an opportunity to strengthen our Lasallian Catholic educational mission with this exciting strategic leadership model. In this administrative model, executive functions are shared between two distinct leadership profiles: the outward-facing institution-builder (President), and the inward-facing leader of teaching and learning (Principal).

Christopher Scaringe ’82, Chairman of the CBA Board of Trustees, stated, “In adopting the President-Principal model, the Board of Trustees is acknowledging the critical role Dr. Schlegel has played in the growth of CBA and as President, he will continue to lead CBA into the future. The Board is grateful for Dr. Schlegel’s unwavering commitment to our Lasallian mission and all those who are part of this great school”.

Schlegel said, “I have been blessed to work with wonderful groups of students, with talented and dedicated faculty and administrators, and within a community with a limitless love for CBA. I am grateful to the Board of Trustees for the mutual trust, faith, and respect that we share and for their efforts to continuously improve CBA. As we enter into this next phase, I look forward to our continued success and I am excited by our potential.”

In 2002, Dr. Schlegel began his career at Christian Brothers Academy as Vice Principal and in 2008, was appointed Principal, succeeding Mr. David McGuire, the first lay Principal of CBA. “I was grateful for wisdom shared and guidance provided by Mr. McGuire during my first six years at CBA.” said Schlegel, whose tenure as Principal is second only to Brother William Martin, FSC, who served from 1981-93. “The Brothers have welcomed me and helped me develop as an educator, an administrator, and a person. I was pleased the appointment came this year, leaving Brother William with the longest tenure as Principal. It is a fitting honor for such a great person.”

In his first act as President, Dr. Schlegel named Mr. Charles Abba as Principal. Mr. Abba has served as Associate Principal at CBA since 2015. “Following a distinguished career as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and principal, we were fortunate to hire Mr. Abba. In his time with our administration, Chuck has faithfully served with diligence, consistency, and extreme professionalism. It is a great honor to call him a colleague, a friend, and now, the 45th Principal of CBA.”

Christian Brothers Academy is one of 30 ministries overseen by the District of Eastern North America (DENA) in the worldwide network of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Brother Dennis Lee, FSC, the Brother Visitor for DENA, acting in concert with the FSC DENA Ministry Corporation, has unanimously approved both the new administrative structure at CBA and the Board nomination of Dr. James Schlegel to serve as the school’s first President. Br. Dennis offered, “Dr. Schlegel has provided excellent leadership during his years as Head of School, and we look forward to his ongoing service as President.”