Grade 10-11     Credit: 1
The chemistry curriculum includes the following topics: matter and energy, atomic structure, bonding, periodic table, mathematics of chemistry, kinetics and equilibrium, acids and bases, redox and electrochemistry, organic chemistry, application of chemical principles, and nuclear chemistry. During the year the students develop skills in measurement, handling chemicals safely, and collecting and organizing data/evidence. They then will be encouraged to think critically, weigh the evidence, and extend their problem solving abilities. The Honors level course includes all additional materials in the New York State Syllabus. In addition, students will perform more demanding laboratory experiments requiring applications of chemical mathematics principles and equation writing skills. Students must complete a satisfactory lab report for each laboratory investigation. A complete laboratory folder is necessary in order for the student to take the required New York State Regents Examination at the end of the school year.

Prerequisites: are the successful completion of Earth Science (Regents) and Biology (Regents) as well as successful completion of Integrated Algebra, and Geometry. It is strongly suggested that the student has either completed Algebra II or be currently enrolled in Algebra 11 and be recommended by his Earth Science or Biology teacher.