Spanish 6

Sixth grade Spanish is designed for students to begin to learn how to speak and write Spanish.  In addition they will build listening skills.  Students will learn vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects of the Spanish language and the countries around the world that speak it.

Spanish 7

Seventh grade Spanish is the first half of Spanish I and aims to build the student’s oral and written proficiency, as well as to begin to develop reading and listening skills.  Students will learn new vocabulary as well as grammatical structures needed to speak and write in Spanish as they explore different Spanish-speaking cultures.

Spanish 8

Eighth grade Spanish  is the culmination of Spanish I – in accordance with the three-year sequence of the New York State plan for second language study.  While studying various Spanish-speaking countries, students will further develop oral and written proficiency, as well as reading and listening skills. Students will learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures as well as build on those they have already mastered from their previous experiences in Spanish class.  Students will continue to study various Spanish-speaking countries.