PE 6

The Christian Brothers Academy Physical Education Program is designed to assist the student in developing his full potential. Each student is encouraged to develop a bridge between recreation and healthful living habits which will be a lifetime foundation for self-fulfillment and achievement; for caring and gaining a responsible place in society. Students are taught to value personal qualities of self-control, discipline, good sportsmanship, rules and regulations, and respect for others in life situations. Our goal is that each student possess a personal sense of self-confidence, social graces, pride toward life and self, and the desire to pursue excellence in his endeavors.

Math 5

This course uses place value to help gain number sense, strengthening multiplication and division skills, operations with decimals and fractions, algebraic expressions and equations, as well as geometric concepts including volume. Attention is given to fluency with basic math facts, problem solving, and real world applications of mathematical concepts.

Theology 5

Objective: To develop a basic understanding of God’s word. Activities: Experiencing God’s word through Bible stories, focusing on the Golden Rule, learning how we are all created in God’s Image, basic understanding of parts of the Mass, explore ways to grow in faith through prayer and service.

Health 6

A student in this health class will be able to describe healthful behaviors, risk behaviors and risk situations and use the responsible decision making model and refusal skills. Students learn how self-concept, personality and philosophy of life influence health and learn to express emotions in healthful ways. Students study the unique characteristics of the life cycle from infancy through adolescence, as well as the physical, mental and social characteristics of the adult years. Other topics include nutrition, the dangers of substance abuse and personal safety.

Science 6

This course is an introduction to earth science. Topics covered include geology (rocks, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, and erosion), water systems (oceans and fresh water), meteorology (weather systems, patterns, and fronts), and a brief tour of astronomy. Hands on activities and projects are the mainstay of the class and help the students understand the material.

Math 6

This course covers the foundational topics of: ratios and proportional relationships including percents; operations with decimals and fractions; introduction to positive and negative numbers and the coordinate plane; algebraic expressions and equations; geometric concepts including area and surface area; and statistical concepts including measures and displays. Attention is given to fluency with basic math facts, problem solving, and real world applications of mathematical concepts. Students who excel in this material and do additional work during the summer will be given a test at the end of the summer to determine placement into Math 7 Honors.