Health 7

Students study the effects of heredity, environment, culture, feelings and the needs of their personality and self-concept. They learn ways to have good mental health by reducing stress. They investigate the importance of being healthy and the need to have a plan for one’s health involving the continued study of nutrition, substance abuse and personal safety

Reading 6

Our goal is to develop a life-long love of reading. A basal reader and trade books are used in grade six. Folk tales, plays, realistic fiction, autobiography, poetry, and essay are then genres encountered in our reading program. The focus is on comprehension, characterization, analogies, cause/effect, vocabulary, generalizations, comparisons, sequences and story mapping.

Life Science 7

Physical Science is a two semester course. The first half of the year is spent discussing properties of matter, composition and the energy associated with those changes. The second half of the year is spent exploring Newtonian Mechanics; including motion, simple machines, energy conservation, waves and sound. Students use cross-curricular skills to explore real world problems. Exit Topics: Scientific Method Genetics/Heredity Structure of a Cell Characteristics of Life Energy Use Photosynthesis Respiration Ecology

Math 7

The focus of this course is to continue to build the foundation necessary for the success in the study of Algebra. Students will concentrate on the following domains: integers and rational numbers, expressions, equations and inequalities, ratios and proportional relationships, geometry, and statistics and probability.

Health 8

Students learn how self-knowledge and self-concept are related to their ability to mature, set goals and reach those goals. They learn ways to reduce the effects of stress and thus prevent mental illness. Students study the structures and functions of the various systems of the body, as well as their healthful maintenance and the causes and treatment of their dysfunction.

Theology 6

The focus of this class is to become familiar with the People of God and His Word.  Our year begins with the basic principles of the Bible.  We then cover Creation, God’s promise of a Savior, and study a variety of people within the Bible.  A heavy focus is on the parts of the Liturgical Year, the life of Jesus, the start of the Church, and the study of John Baptist         de La Salle.

Art 6

This course is designed to help the students build confidence in the basic art concepts while learning to master basic art skills. Students will learn how various artists used these concepts in their work. Projects for this course include : Primary Color Designs (with a emphasis on composition in Art), Secondary Color Cut-Out /Overlapping Designs, Texture Landscapes (texture rubbings), working in the Style of Henri Rousseau creating a Fantasy Landscape, working with patterns in nature designing and sculpting Stuffed Fantasy Fish

History 6

The sixth grade course in World History is designed to provide a look at the advances in world civilization from 5000 BC to the present. The study is generally confined to the Eastern Hemisphere. Areas of focus are the Neolithic Period, Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, India, China, Rome, Africa, Medieval Europe, and the Emerging Renaissance. Geography, multiculturalism, cultural diffusion, religion, and global interdependence rank as key themes for this course.