Spanish III Honors

Credit: 1 This course emphasizes basic skills in listening, speaking, grammar, reading and writing. It provides more in depth in class instruction, requires more in class speaking, and assigns more reading and writing exercises. It is expected that the students will be given more at home assignments. The course completes the New York State three-year sequence for Foreign Language study and the CBA requirement.

Advanced Placement US History

Grade 11-12     Credit: 1 The Advanced Placement Program in United States History is designed to provide students with the analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in Unites States history. The program prepares students for intermediate and advanced college history courses by making demands upon them equivalent to those made by full-year introductory college courses. An Advanced Placement United States History course should thus develop the skills necessary to arrive at conclusions on the basis of an informed judgment and to present reasons and evidence clearly and persuasively in essay format. Prerequisites: Successful completion of Global Studies 9 and 10 or AP World History (92 average or better, passage of AP entrance exam, teacher recommendation, approval of department chair/academic associate principal)

English 10 Honors or English 10 Regents

Grade 10     Credit: 1 This course has two levels of instruction: Regents and Honors. The curriculum consists of a thorough study of American literature including novels, essays, poetry and plays. Writing assignments will include response to and analysis of literature, narrative and expository essays. Students will be expected to be prepared for and fully engaged in class discussion. Collaborative learning will be an important component of classroom instruction. Students in the Honors class will be responsible for several independent literature-based projects throughout the year, including an in-depth author study research paper during the second semester. Guidelines for Entry into the Honors Class: An 85 average in English 9H or a 90 average in English 9R Recommendation from the grade 9 English teacher

Wind Band

Credit: .5 This band is an audition-based group, which plays at a higher level than any other ensemble. Composed primarily of high school students, this band plays at numerous school functions and concerts. It rehearses three times during the six day cycle. Students also receive school credit and a grade.

Forensic Science

Grades 11-12     Credit: 1 Forensics is a two-semester, interdisciplinary science and technology course. Students will learn how to observe, collect, analyze and evaluate data found at crime scenes. Some of the topics covered include: fingerprint analysis, ballistics, DNA fingerprinting, blood splatter, toxicology. Forensics uses and variety of activities, for instance, class discussions, projects, and labs.


Credit: 1 The mission of Leadership Education and Training (LET) is to motivate first year JROTC Cadets to be better citizens. To accomplish this purpose, the text discusses citizenship, leadership, and a number of other courses designed to help the cadets succeed in high school and after graduation. Cadets wear uniforms every day. Extracurricular activities include: Color Guard, Drill team, and Rifle team competition, Service Learning Projects, and participation in local community events.

College Algebra with Trigonometry

The course includes a review of algebra and numerical trigonometry. Topics include factoring, rational expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, solving simultaneous linear equations, functions, lines, exponentials, logarithms, numerical trigonometry and solving triangles. A graphing calculator is required for the course. The recommended model is the TI 84+. The course may be followed by Precalculus.

Spanish IV (UHS Intermediate Spanish 200)

Credit: 1 This course covers the equivalent of a third-year college course in Advanced Spanish writing and composition. It encompasses oral skills, reading comprehension, grammar and writing composition. Students are introduced to Spanish and Latin American authors. This course may be taken for college credit through the University at Albany University in the High School program. Prerequisite: Final average of at least 85 in Spanish 3 and teacher recommendation.